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The Angelina and Nacogdoches Counties Water Control and Improvement District Number One was created in 1954, as a political subdivision of the State of Texas.


In 1956, the District began construction of Lake Striker and the reservoir was completed in 1957. Lake Striker is a 2400 acre reservoir located about 18 miles southwest of Henderson, Texas.  The lake's normal pool elevation is 293 feet above mean sea level.  The lake's capacity is 26,960 acre-feet of water.  Each acre-foot contains 325,851 gallons of water. 


 The District sells water for industrial use to Luminant Energy, which operates a power plant on the western shore of the reservoir.  The District also provides cooling water for Southern Company's new biomass fired power plant in Sacul, which is about 10 miles southeast of the lake.  The plant began operation in 2012. The City of Henderson also has an option on water from Lake Striker for future use.


The lake is also used for recreational purposes.  The District leases waterfront and off-water lots which are located in the Lake Striker Shoreline Subdivision.   


The District also has about 2000 acres of timberland around the lake that is professionally managed by Farmer's National Company  which was formerly James Houser Consulting Foresters.


The District is a member of the National Water Resources Association, the Texas Water Conservation Association, Texas Forestry Association, the American Tree Farm System and the Texas 811 System.

Lake Regulations
   Annual          Audit
               Resort Ramp Grant
The grant for work at the Lake Striker Resort was approved a while back and initial work has begun on the project.  Surveying is being done currently. 
We also had to have an antiquities investigation done, which is required by the Texas Historical Commission. This was required by the Antiquities Code of Texas.  We have secured a permit from the Texas Historical Commission to proceed.
A Permit Application has also been sent to the United States Army Corp of Engineers for the dredging portion of the project.



Lake Level and Water Temperature
Normal Level is 293' Above Mean Sea Level
Surface Water Temperature 52 2/3/2020
Below Surface Temperature is Normally About 2 Degrees Cooler in Summer and 2 Degrees Warmer in Winter.